30th June 2018

1 Day Master Class









Masterclass on Blockchain, Bitcoin & CryptoTokens

Do you feel clueless when people talk about Bitcoin, ICO, Cryptocurrency etc?

Did you know that the bitcoin price has increased by more than 1000% in last one year? (Current price 1 Bitcoin = RS 4,43,961).

Did you know that startups use ICO to raise capital for their funding?

Everyone is talking about bitcoin, ethereum and ICO’s.  Banks are talking about them. Bill Gates is calling it as an unstoppable change, whereas the CEO of JP Morgan who is calling this a fad

What do these terms mean and why is it causing such a frenzy?

The blockchain is to banking as the Internet was to communication. Blockchain technology satisfies existing human needs around finance. The shift in the economy is similar to going from dialer phones to WhatsApp and snapchat for communication. 

Bitcoin is disrupting banking and with the evolution to crypto tokens, now disrupting VC financing.

With unprecedented euphoria, there is much false fluff than the truth on the internet.

Attend this Blockchain workshop in Bangalore to equip yourself with resources and a thorough understanding of crypto tokens, legal and technical aspects of having an ICO.

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    • History of Trade
    • What is Blockchain?
    • What is Bitcoin & how to use it
    • Ethereum and difference with bitcoin
    • Introduction to Crypto tokens
    • Popular use cases and applications of Blockchain


    • Blockchain
      • Hashing, Mining, Digital Signature & Merkle Trees
      • Distributed ledger
    • Using wallets, exchanges & other best practices with regards to wallet storage
    • Programming a smart contract, introduction to Solidity
    • HandsOn Labs Session

Regulation & Legal Aspects

    • Regulatory view with regard to China, Russia, Japan, Australia
    • RBI perspective
    • Recent US SEC rulings.
    • Discussion time

ICO (Initial Coin Offer)

  • What are ICOs?
  • How are ICOs changing the VC industry?
  • How to participate in an ICO?
  • How to identify a scam ICO from a genuine ICO?
  • Introduction to Crypto Valuations?
    • Evaluating Key prospects to take-away from an ICO
  • ICO Resources

Who should attend

  • Bankers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Startups aspiring to do an ICO
  • Technology evangelists.
  • Anyone curious

People Loved our Previous workshop

Very informative and insightful, the workshop really provided a lot of depth on the aspect of cryptocurrency – Jasvinder sago

Excellent content / excellent presentation – Vijay Prakash

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