Angular 4 Advanced Training

AngularJS 4 is a productive Web Frameworks for developing complex Single Page Application with RESTFul backend server. This training includes extensive workshop sessions, in-depth content, with hands-on from an experienced Chief Software Architect, Developer & Trainer who has architected, developed more than 20+ applications & products for Web, Mobile, Desktop.

Advanced AngularJS 4 Training covers introductory to intermediate to advanced topics, 75% of the course is hands-on, 25% for trainer instructions, demos.

This course is designed to meet day-to-day challenges faced by software developers while developing AngularJS 4 Application.

The course sessions are designed to build a project in an iterative mode with best practices followed in the industry, close to real application. By end of the training, developers shall have experience of applying all concepts learned on a project, ready to apply skills on production applications. 

Course Abstract and Summary:

Day 1 focus on setting and clearing ground to developers with latest technologies around JavaScript, building foundation for modern JavaScript Development,  Introduction to Single Page Application, discussion about Thick vs Thin server, thin vs thick client, ES6, TypeScript, introduction to Node.js, Node Package Manager, Angular Building Blocks, Angular Components, Component Communications, Angular Templates, Angular 4 Pipes, Custom Pipes and Introduction to Services in Angular 4.

Day 2 focus on intermediate level topics, that includes creating custom, reusable modules, Promises, RxJS, Routing, Navigation, HTTP, HTML5 Forms, 2-way data binding, Form Validations. Day 2 shall have interactive with RESTful backend server, editing/deleting resources on RESTful APIs.

Day 3 focus on advanced topics, Custom Form Validation, Custom Attribute and Structural Directive Creations, Authentication and Authorization with Angular 4, Introduction to AoT, Introduction to Build Process, Angular-cli, Unit Testing with Angular 4, Testing Component, Services, Templates, Introduction to Jasmine and Karma.

Trainer Profile

Gopalakrishnan Subramani is a Consultant, Software Architect, Developer and Mentor with over 14+ years of work experience in Full stack web Applications, RESTful Web Services, Backend services, Single Page Web Applications and Hybrid Mobile Applications. He has architected, developed 20+ applications on The Web, Mobile and Backend servers. He has good experience in architecting and developing Node.js, Express JS, Angular JS 1.x, Angular 4, RESTful web services, API Design, MEAN JS, ASP.NET MVC, Spring MVC application with noSQL databases and mobile application development using Ionic Framework, Phonegap/Cordova platform.

He teaches experienced software professionals on intermediate and advanced concepts, best practices, writing clean code, modules, testable applications, hands-on training with use cases that can be used in development projects.

He actively participates in JavaScript, Web, IoT local Meetups, conduct workshops, talks on Web, Nodejs, Angular, Ionic Framework, speak in conferences and developer summits.

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