Next Space is for visionary entrepreneurs seeking to transform industries through innovative products. We provide private workspace, Incubation, training, and support services to foster innovation. We strive to create a healthy and creative workspace, free of distractions, allowing for the increased productivity of our members and to foster the growth of our members’ businesses and creative pursuits by creating connections through networks of like-minded individual.

You have an idea and struggling to know what to do next, you tried attended various workshops, events, conferences and still not very clear what to do next

You are a founder and want to understand your adjacent or new customers better so that you can build new products or serves and will server there needs better

Then this is for you

Startup LaunchPad


Get an office space you deserve

If you are distracted by noise and unable to concentrate working from a coworking space, imagine your team’s productivity. We discovered the same in our research, hence we build soundproof cabins for small enterprises. Starting from 4 seaters to an 8 seater cabin

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